How to get rid of mold mites?

pictures of mold mites

Homeowners, renters, and property managers are all worried about how to kill mold mites effectively.

Mold mites and dust mites are types of fungus that can form around any organic object if there is enough moisture. And unless you get rid of mold mites on time, the chances are that they will only keep growing. It is not always possible to prevent mold mites from forming, but when you use the right methods, you can come up with efficient ways to eliminate mold spores.

In this guide, we will look at all that you need to know to eliminate mold mites. So, let’s dive right in!

What Are Mold Mites?

Many people confuse mold mites with cheese mites, grain mites, and flour mites, but they are not the same. Mold mite infestation can be very difficult to identify as the species is tiny and almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

If you have a mold mite problem at home, it is best that you deal with it instantly to ensure that no one suffers allergies or shows respiratory symptoms.

Additionally, unhindered mold growth can even cause skin irritation in many people. However, if your skin itches every time you get in bed, the chances are that there is a problem with dust mites. Unless handled on time, mold mite infestations can wreak havoc in your house.

Best Way To Kill Mold Mites

Remember that mold mites live only in areas where they get food to survive. So, start with removing the food source that helps these tiny insects live.

Notably, the mold mite life cycle extends up to three weeks, and it can survive anywhere it gets food and a moisture level of above 85%.

As such, installing dehumidifiers can help kill mold mites. However, there are other home remedies that you can implement to get rid of mold. Let’s take a look!

Using Vinegar To Battle Mold Mite

You would be surprised to know that mold mite removal can be done with a couple of household components. The first thing that you should try is vinegar. Mold mites tend to grow in places where there is food, and you can use a mixture of vinegar and dish soap to eliminate that problem.

You can simply put the mix in a spray bottle and apply it in areas where you identify mold mites. The aim should be to destroy the mold mite colony to ensure that there is no mold damage in the house. Once you have discovered mold mites, simply spray the mixture on them and rub the area with a piece of clean cloth.

Lemon To The Rescue

Another way to deal with these microscopic pests is to use lemon juice. However, when the concoction kills the mold-eating bugs, it may leave behind an unpleasant smell. For this process to work, you need to juice four to five lemons and pour the mix directly on the mold mites.

You might have to tweak the DIY mold cleanup solution a bit if you discover any bodies of mold mites. So, try scrubbing more vigorously to eliminate these very tiny insects.

Baking Soda To Fight Mold Problems

When mold mites grow unhindered, many may face allergic reactions. Hence, mold mites require effective solutions, and baking soda is one of them. This solution can help you deal with bed bugs too. But make sure that you do it properly so that it does not leave behind any brown stains.

You can kill the tiny creatures by spraying a mix of baking soda to tackle the mold problem. To stop the mite dust from spreading, you will have to spray the area and scrub it off with a brush.

Removing Mold Mite With Borax

If you find mold mites making themselves comfortable at your home, it is time to do something about it. Their long hairs can get into the human eye and even cause allergic reactions in kids.

When you see there is a moldy surface of brown dust, you know that there is a mold problem that needs to be tackled.

That’s when you can try getting your hands on borax from local stores or the pest-control department. It can help you remove mold, but unless it is used carefully, it can even lead to skin irritation. We suggest wearing gloves before putting borax on the entire surface.

It is best that you start with a small patch on painted drywall. We recommend that you start with an area that is not very visible before moving to the entire area to kill these microscopic creatures.

Bleach To Kill Mold Mites And Dust Mites

As a homeowner, at some point, you must have been a victim of growing mold destroying the aesthetics of your house. So, if you see dark dust around shelves or food packaging, you need to understand that the house is under a mold mites attack.

In case the previous methods fail to help you get rid of mold effectively, you might need to bring more harsh chemicals to the game. You can buy some products from the supermarket and simply make a mix of your own and put it in a spray bottle.

To get rid of mold mites, use bleach only on non-porous materials. But not that bleach can be extremely harmful to porous surfaces such as drywall or wood and further enhance the moisture issue. For the bleach to eliminate mold mites, all you have to do is mix it with water and put the formula in a spray bottle.

Once you are done preparing the mix, spray it on the affected surfaces to get rid of mold mites. Wait for a few minutes and then proceed to clean the area with a piece of damp cloth. Remember that letting the bleach sit for long may even damage the surface.

So, in this case, more is not necessarily good!

Get Professional Help

Some cases of mold mites require professional help and might not be suitable for DIY solutions. As we have already mentioned, unless you handle mold mites correctly, they can cause an allergic reaction among your loved ones and even structural damage to the house.

So, if you see that the mold is wider than two and a half square feet, it is best that you take professional help in dealing with it.

At times, you might see black mold developing around a food source. They are mostly quite toxic and can be harmful to your health.

So, to avoid suffering from an allergic reaction, opt for a professional pest removing company. If you fail to deal with it properly, you might face reactions such as coughing, sneezing, and skin allergy. In the worst-case scenario, it might deteriorate your chronic lung condition.

Lastly, a dehumidifier kills mold mites and is one of the best ways to tackle mold conditions. However, if you do not have any prior experience of using it, do not experiment with it to control mold growth.

Final Words

With that, we have reached the end of this informative guide. After reading this, we hope that now you have a better understanding of how to get rid of mold mites.

Mold grows in areas where there is food and moisture. In case you are unable to locate them with the naked eye, consider using a high-definition camera. Unless treated on time, you might soon start finding decaying plants in the house.

This might be because of mite dust coming from the molds. So, if you follow the steps that we have mentioned above, getting rid of mold mites will become pretty simple.

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